Hello! And welcome to my little piece of the Internet.

Coming from Previously, I’ve used this domain to do things like photo of the day, and photo albums of my exploration of Colorado’s backcountry and high country (Colorado has a lot of high country). What I’m going to do with the current incarnation? I’m not really sure. I may do some discussions on photography, nature and wilderness, or maybe just the great outdoors.

Pikes Peak in the background from China Wall (near Taryall, CO).

I may add a blog so I can discuss my adventures in getting my photographic and artistic creativity going again. Lately, I haven’t had much chance to do that. Most my photos are basically documentary for the US Forest Service or showing how much our service dog puppies are growing and maturing. There’s nothing wrong with documentary photography or film making. I don’t mind doing it. Just looking back over the last couple of years of my photos, I haven’t seen anything that makes me say, “Wow! That’s cool!” That’s something that I want to get back to. Not that it has to happen frequently, but it would be nice to see occasionally.

If you have any comments or suggestions for me, please use the contact form to get in touch.